qualifies, qualifying, qualified
1) VERB When someone qualifies, they pass the examinations that they need to be able to work in a particular profession.

But when I'd qualified and started teaching it was a different story...

[V as/in n] I qualified as a doctor from London University over 30 years ago. [Also V to-inf]

2) V-ERG If you qualify for something or if something qualifies you for it, you have the right to do it or have it.

[V for n] To qualify for maternity leave you must have worked for the same employer for two years...

[V n to-inf] The basic course does not qualify you to practise as a therapist...

[V n for n] A few useful skills - English-teaching, for example - qualified foreigners for work visas.

[V-ed] ...highly trained staff who are well qualified to give unbiased, practical advice. [Also V, V to-inf]

3) V-ERG To qualify as something or to be qualified as something means to have all the features that are needed to be that thing.

[V as n] 13 percent of American households qualify as poor, says Mr. Mishel...

[V n as n] These people seem to think that reading a few books on old age qualifies them as experts. [Also V]

4) VERB If you qualify in a competition, you are successful in one part of it and go on to the next stage.

[V for n] Nottingham Forest qualified for the final by beating Tranmere on Tuesday...

Cameroon have also qualified after beating Sierra Leone...

[V-ing] Canada scored an unexpected victory in a World Cup qualifying match in Buenos Aires.

Derived words:
qualifier plural N-COUNT

Kenya's Robert Kibe was the fastest qualifier for the 800 metres final.

5) VERB If you qualify a statement, you make it less strong or less general by adding a detail or explanation to it.

[V n] I would qualify that by putting it into context.

6) See also qualified

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